A cat called Savannah. Sketch in ballpoint pen and India ink

Drawing of a cat called Savannah in ballpoint pen and india inkHi!
I’m still way more tired than what is advisable for a normal human, but I figured that I might as well stay up until the evening and sleep in the night like normal people – So this is me staying awake!

I decided that I would try and make an effort to make a better drawing than the last one. This is a cat called Savannah, from SavannahsPawTracks.com. I couldn’t stand for the photo of this cat laying back, so I decided to draw it.

As usual, I have a little difficulties with the small details. This perspective in particular renders the head really small, and my drawings being of rather small dimensions in the first place, it was really hard not to mess up the face.. Which I did a little.. It’s a shame, because I really love this cat’s expression !

This’ll be the last one for today. I’ll grab a bite, and then I look VERY much forward to get some sleep!