Drawing of Merlin – the 20 year-old siamese cat in ballpoint pen and india ink

Sketch of Merlin the Siamese Cat in india ink and ballpoint penThis is a request that I got from Layla from Catwisdom101. The cat is called Merlin and is 20 years old! The reference photo of Merlin is here.

I did this one in ballpoint pen and india ink. These two always work nicely together. If i were to improve just one thing, I’d probably just focus on the left eye – perhaps if the black part were to the right instead of the left, the “look” would be more focused.
I still have a queue of 15 drawings to make – but if you have no problem in waiting, feel free to request something. I draw anything. Not just cats and dogs and kangaroos, but even your bicycle if you want. Or your neighborhood or the historic part of your town with its crooked streets and old buildings. Or skyscrapers! (it’s been a while since I did a perspective). Or your goldfish, Timmy!
Don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

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