Hand in ballpoint pen

A sketch of my hand in ballpoint penHi everyone!
This is a rough sketch of my hand that I did yesterday evening while I was waiting to start my night shift.
I’ve drawn a lot of hands before. Mostly in pencil and some in watercolors. My hand-drawings are probably the drawings I’ve had most success with so far, but after having done other things for a long time, I’m not sure how i feel about this one. It’s  clearly much more rough, sketchier and quicker than the usual pencil-drawn hands I’ve done.. Roughness isn’t bad, but still, I can’t decide if my hand-drawings were better before. Perhaps I ought to sit down and do a careful pencil-drawing to be able to make a real comparison. This one obviously is more of a “doodle”.. Please go see my other hand-drawings !

That was number 449 by the way. Now I’m off to draw a goat 🙂