A rabbit called Speedy. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a rabbit called speedy in ballpoint penHere’s a drawing of a rabbit – but not any rabbit. This is Speedy the cheeky house bunny whom I was requested to draw.
Don’t hesitate to send me requests – but please be aware that I have a queue of 16 (!) pets do draw (mostly cats!) – I can do one or two per day. I haven’t forgot anyone (I think?)

Speedy above looks like he’s just being disturbed in something important. Perhaps carrot consumption or the redecorating of his cardboard castle. He does look like he’s a good listener, though.

This drawing almost drew itself! I’m astounded how few lines you need to draw to make a bunny. Looking at it afterwards, i kept looking for places where I could do a lttle more, but sometimes you just need to stop before you destroy the drawing. I suppose that this one is in line with the sketch I made of Dakota the sheepdog the other day.

Anyway, this was my 448th drawing. See you for the next one.