Sketch of a cat named Ellie in ballpoint pen and India ink

Ellie the cat. Sketch in pen and india inkI got a request from The Florida Furkids to draw one of the cats – I picked this great photo of Ellie the cat yawning (or meowing?)
I’ve been wanting to learn to draw for a long time, and before starting drawing every day back in September 2014, I’ve given it a shot once in a while without really sticking to the habit. Looking back in a sketchbook from 2012, I see that i tried to draw a polar-bear at some point.. With a black ballpoint pen. He ended up looking like an oil-rig-accident. More black than white. I’ve had a slight trauma for white fur-animals ever since 😉
But here’s Ellie. She’s a very white cat, and I went ahead and tried with a black ballpoint pen. I think it went okay this time. Perhaps drawing white subjects with black drawing tools is a good way of learning to cut the drawing down to the essentials.A few lines go a long way, and just drawing a few lines at the hair-tips, sort of gives the impression of a big fluffy coat of fur. I think this was a nice experiment. Now the next question will be if it can somehow be turned around to draw a black cat with the same degree of fluffiness in a similar way? Maybe I’ll leave that idea simmer another three years 😉

I hope you like the drawing!
That was my 446th.