Lily Olivia the cat napping. Drawing in ballpoint pen

drawing A cat called Lily Olivia sleepingHere’s another cat!
This one was requested by Janet from the “The cat on my head” blog! The cat’s called Lily Olivia and is taking a nap for the camera.
It’s a nice photo, and I’m feeling quite good about the drawing too. There’s a little problem with the proportion of some of the features in the face, and the shape of the head might be a little off, so I’m not sure if it’s recognizable – but i think it ended up looking nice anyway. It’s always a little hard to do the background. I started with the black hatching below as a kind of shadow, but as i moved on, I thought it needed something in the upper left corner as well for the composition to work.

In this moment I’ve got 7-8 requests on my list, so everybody who’s asked me – please note that it might be up to a week (or more) before I get to make the drawing. Please don’t hesitate to ask me to make a drawing though! I’m really happy to do it, and it’s also nice to get my link out on some different blogs and sites all around. I do at least one drawing per day, so it’s actually quite nice to get requests rather that spending time searching for reference photos and asking the permission of photographers, and so on.

Have a nice weekend – and since I’ve been frequenting unusually many cat-blogs recently, have a nice “caturday” as well !

440 down. 1 kazillion to go.