Kangaroo and her baby in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a kangaroo and her Joey (baby) in ballpoint penThis, dear readers, is not a cat.
It is a kangaroo.

It’s a request from Fozziemum at the blog dinz1234.com about the life in rural Australia!

In fact, it’s two kangaroos, or a drawing of a kangaroo with her infant (and i suppose that an infant roo is called a “joey” – if i am not mistaken). After drawing a horse,  the photographer asked me to do a drawing of his cat, and little by little other cat-bloggers presented themselves and requested that I do drawings of their cats. This is fantastic! I am more than happy to do requests, so do keep them coming. Then somebody, however, requested a drawing of a kangaroo! Swell! I’m not getting tired of drawing cats anytime soon, but I’m excited to do other kind of requests as well. The blogger who asked for this one writes and takes photos of animals in the wild in Australia. If you’re like me, you live somewhere where the most exotic thing around is a fly or a cow, so here’s for a blog about Australian wildlife!

This is the kangaroo photo I used. I really like the strong sunlight and shade in the photo, and I think it went OK in capturing it.

That was 436 – next up is a cat! (and please do send me your requests if you have any)