384 Another drawing of my hand in pen and watercolor

There has been a lot of hand drawings floating around on the reddit these last days, so I felt like drawing hands too. I did one yesterday, and then here’s another one. Don’t forget to join the rest of the people submitting their daily drawings to the reddit /r/onedrawingdaily – You don’t strictly have to … Read more

383 Drawing of my hand

Here’s a quick and messy sketch of my hand. It’s pencil and some kind of charcoal.. (Sepia dark..? the pencil is brown, but it ends up almost black) Kirkistan among others suggested that I throw in a good old-fashioned “real life” sketch once in a while. It does feel good, I admit it!

382 Stairs in the Jewish Museum in Berlin

I did this after a photo that I have taken in the Jewish Museum in Berlin (well, I would imagine that we’re at least thousands of people having taken the same photo – nothing original about that) It’s not really green, but my photo turned out almost monochrome, so i decided to pick a color. … Read more

380 Portrait of Emomalii Rahmon, the president of Tajikistan, painting in watercolor

This is the president of Tajikistan, Emomalii Rahmon It’s my zombie Saturday – I did the habitual night shift yesterday and it really destroys the whole weekend. I did manage to do this one, though. I think it turned alright for a quick sketch. Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. And this is a … Read more

379 Street scene in Algiers coming out of a tunnel, watercolor

This is from a photo I’ve taken in Algiers, Algeria. It’s a tunnel that leads to the “Place Audin” in the center of the city. Watercolor is a great mystery. As is perspective. And cars too. This is lose, but is it the right kind of lose? Maybe these kind of perspectives need to be … Read more

378 Landscape in Greenland. Watercolor painting for the Virtual Paintout

This is my second landscape painting from Greenland – I didn’t actually go there, but rather I used Google Streetview as per the rules of “The Virtual Paintout” – each month a new location, everybody can participate. Here’s the streetview location link: https://goo.gl/maps/cQPzi This is smaller than my last one from Greenland. It’s especially hard … Read more

377 Portrait of Portia Simpson-Miller, the Prime Minister of Jamaica

This is (supposed to be) Portia Simpson-Miller, the Prime Minister of Jamaica It’s not my proudest moment in portraiture. I think that I will start doing more landscapes or street scenes and step away from these portraits for a little while. Thomas W. Schaller spends around 1 hour on his wonderful paintings – that’s pretty … Read more

376 Portrait of Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, drawing in ink

This is a portrait of Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran. It’s been long since I made anything in ink, and i think that it’s quite nice for a change! There’s something nice to the gradients of ink, that i can’t quite put my fingers on. Perhaps it just reminds me of some ink-drawings by … Read more