Monthly Archive: March, 2015

394 Ballpoint pen drawing of a Blue Hebron with added watercolor after photo by JD Photography

This time I stumbled across this beautiful photo of this beautiful bird in flight I should have drawn it a little bit smaller and maybe a little bit slower.. I really like its… Continue reading

393 Drawing of a fly with a ballpoint pen and watercolors

I found some photos of some flies on a blog in my wordpress reader, and decided to try and draw them. I think there’s something beautiful about them, but maybe it’s a good… Continue reading

392 Portrait of Islam Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan in ballpoint pen

Hmm, yeah well. Don’t know what happened here. Believe it or not, but it still looks like the reference photo. I think he’s got the sun in his eyes. He’s called Islam Karimov… Continue reading

391 llamas in Gdansk – Ink drawing with ballpoint pen after photo by Charles D.

These are Llamas (I’m pretty sure that’s what they are) I found the photo on Charles D’s Photography blog – He’s made some nice llama pictures in the zoo! These were quick sketches.… Continue reading

390 Camel in ink and watercolor

Sometimes you just draw a camel. This is one of those times. The ballpoint pen in growing on me! Did you know that the arbic word for camel “jamal” has the same root… Continue reading

389 Chipmunk in pen and watercolor after photo by Victor Rakmil

Behold for this is a chipmunk. (Or is it a squirrel? What is the difference?) Trying to do something different once in a while. This one was quick – The green grass turned… Continue reading

388 Portrait of Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine in pen and watercolor

This is Petro Poroschenko, the president of Ukraine. One of the “Rulers of the World” that I’ve been tip-toing around for a while. This is with a kind of ballpoint pen, that I… Continue reading

387 Portrait of Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in watercolor and fineliner pen

This isĀ  Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in watercolor and fineliner pen. I’m still trying to work out this fineliner thing. Memadtwo (or one of them!) pointed… Continue reading

386 Portrait of Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium done in fineliner and watercolor

This is Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium This time I started out with the fineliner (or pen.. what’s it called?) to first make the drawing and then I put on the… Continue reading

385 Self portrait #33 Drawing with fineliner pen and india ink

It’s been 3,5 months since I last did a self-portrait. I didn’t even realize that. I started out with this as an ink drawing, but was not very happy about it. It was… Continue reading