404 Perspective drawing from Mejlgade in Århus, Denmark in ballpoint pen and watercolor

I started this yesterday, but didn’t get to finish it, so here’s the finished version. I just got myself a new A4-size sketchbook to compliment my usual microscopic 4×6″ format. This is the drawing to “break in” the new book. I think the street color steals away a little too much focus, and the perspective … Read more

403 Perspective from the Badstuegade street in Århus, Denmark done with ballpoint pen

I met with a good friend from architecture school yesterday. He’s been following my blog and it seems that he has notived that I do a lot of portraits and not a lot of architecture (or any kind of “spatial” drawing.) He obviously has a point. I just draw whatever I want to draw, and … Read more

402 Drawing of Tibetan Gazelle with ballpoint pen and watercolor

Here’s a drawing that I just did. A Tibetan Gazelle grazing. I wanted to try my new waterproof ballpoint pen with the watercolors – it turns out that it really is waterproof. It’s a little hard to control for the finer details though. I think it went a little too wild on this one, and … Read more

401 Drawing of my shoe while waiting for the train. Done with ballpoint pen.

I had forgot my new favorite ballpoint pen, so I went and bought another one when I arrived too early for my train a few hours ago. Its line is slightly thicker than the other one I’ve got, and it’s supposed to be waterproof. I’ll test that later on. It glides so smoothly over the … Read more

398 Drawing of a crow with ballpoint pen and watercolors based on a photo by TPJPhoto.net

I’ve been looking for crow photos these last three days. What a strange and beautiful bird! Finally I found a good photo on a blog called TPJPhoto.net The drawing turned out good, but the colors are off. While crows are black, they have beautiful nuances of blue in the sunlight. My drawing looks more like … Read more

397 Portrait of Christopher Waltz in the role of Hans Landa, drawing in ballpoint pen

It’s this guy from that film. To be more precise, this portrait is supposed to be of the actor Christopher Waltz in the role of Hans Landa in the Tarantino film “Inglorious Basterds” His face has a more triangular shape in reality, and I think I made him cry. With White gouache. The eyes were … Read more

396 Portrait of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. Drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Merkel’s time has come – to get her portrait drawn that is. I doubt she needs introducing, but just for the homogeneity of these blogposts, let me just say that Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany I wasn’t completely true to the proportions, but i think it looks like her. The hair is a … Read more

395 Drawing of a giraffe with a ballpoint pen and watercolors after photo by Steve Boer

This is my fourth drawing today. They don’t take that long when I do them with this pen, so that might be the reason. I wish I could do this all day every day. Maybe some day. I got the photo from Steve Boer’s photo blog While drawing it, I couldn’t help thinking about the … Read more