Drawing of a very fluffy and vertical cat called Angel Eyes in pencil

This pillar of fluff is a cat called Angel Eyes, an inhabitant of the blog “Katzenworld” It’s been a little while since i did anything in pencil. Most of what I’ve done recently has been very sketchy and in ballpoint pen. I think that it might be visible. It does sort of look like the … Read more

Drawing of a bird in ballpoint pen after photo and poem by Drycrickjournal

This is a drawing I did after a photo i stumbled across this morning. I’m not sure what kind of bird it is – perhaps someone can help me out? It does look like a chick though. The photo was acompanied by a poem in the “Drycrickjournal”. I really liked the poem that speaks of … Read more

410 Portrait of Ted Cruz in watercolors

This is Ted Cruz – a newly announced candidate for the US 2016 elections – he’s republican and apparently “tea party” republican. He likely eats innocent kittens for breakfast and gives his grandchildren pink automatic rifles for Christmas. (sorry if i offend somebody on regards to their “freedom”). Anyway – I just wanted to paint … Read more

409 Drawing of a meerkat by ballpoint pen. Photo by WoollyMuses

These last days I’ve been searching around WordPress for the search-tag “Wildlife” – today this meercat from the site woollymuses.wordpress.com and I didn’t have to search any longer ! I’d like to learn how to draw sunlight with a ballpoint pen. I suppose it’s just a question of going really dark on the shaded parts … Read more

408 Drawing of Chub-Chub, the cat, in ballpoint pen and watercolors

This cat’s called Chub-Chub! After drawing the horse and rider yesterday, Tom, who’s the photographer behind these pictures revealed to me that he’s got a cat-blog also. I decided that this was a good time to do a cat-drawing, so I picked this photo of his cat, Chub-Chub running in the grass. I’m pretty happy … Read more

407 Drawing of a mother and grandchild in the Yunnan province in China. Drawing after photo by Mimo Khair

I found a beautiful collection of photos by the photographer Mimo Khair today, of grandparents and their grandchildren in the Yunnan province of China. I had to draw it when I saw this double portrait! I think this one worked well with the ballpoint pen. The thinner pen that I have is easier to use, … Read more

406 Horse and rider jumping. Drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen after photo

I stumbled across this blog about horses and horseriding in Bromont where they ask for artwork of horses! I found this a really good excuse to draw this beautiful animal, and the site owner suggested that i pick an image from the site, and so I did. I’m neither too happy, nor too concerned about … Read more

405 Drawing of a little lion who just woke up in ballpoint pen after photo by Christian Sperka

I just stubled a little around and then I saw this fantastic photo of a little lion waking up (by Christian Sperka photography) – and i had to draw it 😉 It’s a little loose and sketchy, but I think it turned out well. It took 5-10 minutes, so I’m really happy about the outcome.