Street perspective in Tokyo in ballpoint pen and watercolor

Painting of a street in Tokyo, Japan in watercolors and ballpoint penThis one i just did from google streetview – It’s really fun to explore the world with streetview – I were looking for a “historical city center” of Tokyo.. Older houses or older city structures, but couldn’t find it. Does anybody know anything?
I did this one in my A4 sketchbook, so it’s bigger than the usual sketches. I think the perspective part is getting better and better, but I miss some contrast in my watercolors. I need some parts to be really dark, and every street perspective that I do do seem to have the same range of anonymous reds and blues. I’m hoping to getting a little better at using my color palette in the future. Also in mixing the colors. A problem I seem to have is, that whenever I mix two colors, I need some water in the mix aswell, and that seems to dillude the paint too much to get it dark enough.

I just love those electricity masts and cables that you see everywhere in the streets of Japan. We don’t really have that anymore on Denmark. Everything is under the pavement I suppose.

That was my 420’th drawing. It’s moving fast towards 500.. I still owe you that “milestone” drawing, though, but I don’t really know if I’m up for doing a complicated thing anytime soob. We’ll see.