407 Drawing of a mother and grandchild in the Yunnan province in China. Drawing after photo by Mimo Khair

Drawing of grandmother and child in Yunnan, China. Ballpoint pen

I found a beautiful collection of photos by the photographer Mimo Khair today, of grandparents and their grandchildren in the Yunnan province of China. I had to draw it when I saw this double portrait!

I think this one worked well with the ballpoint pen. The thinner pen that I have is easier to use, because the flow of ink is very limited, so you can easier control the blackness of what you draw, and add shade gradually. Looking at this drawing on my screen, I think that the little guy’s eyes as the darkest spot in the picture works pretty well. It draws the eye to him, but maybe it could be nice to darken the shadows even more in some of the folds in clothes and especially under the boy’s cheek/chin. Just for getting some contrast.
Anyway, this was fairly quickly. I think that this 5$ ballpoint pen has been the best thing yet that I’ve picked up in my drawing daily adventures.. (Well I try not to be carried too much away by that dangerous and feared art-material-consumerism virus.. I’ve only got a few things that I don’t really use ;)))