404 Perspective drawing from Mejlgade in Århus, Denmark in ballpoint pen and watercolor

Perspective drawing from Mejlgade in Århus

I started this yesterday, but didn’t get to finish it, so here’s the finished version. I just got myself a new A4-size sketchbook to compliment my usual microscopic 4×6″ format. This is the drawing to “break in” the new book. I think the street color steals away a little too much focus, and the perspective slips in the foreground, where it seems ok in the middle. But when i do the preliminary drawing with a sketchy ballpoint pen, it’s not too much of a hassle to do perspectives. I’ll be making fore, and they’ll get better!
This is Mejlgade in Århus, Denmark. It’s not the first time i make perspectives in the area, but if someone has a suggestion as to where I should travel in google streetview, please suggest away! (your neighborhood in X country?)
The streetview scene was something like this