396 Portrait of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. Drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Portrait of Angela Merkel in ink and watercolor

Merkel’s time has come – to get her portrait drawn that is.
I doubt she needs introducing, but just for the homogeneity of these blogposts, let me just say that Angela Merkel is the chancellor of Germany
I wasn’t completely true to the proportions, but i think it looks like her. The hair is a big difficulty as usual and the ink tends to dye everything a bit darker because it isn’t water resistant. But it’s fun!

Merkel is part of my “Rulers of the World” series, that I’m not even half-way thorough. There’s a lot of presidents, prime ministers, premiers and so on to go – and when I get through them all I’m sure that a good part of them will have changed.

Oh and here’s the reference photo