395 Drawing of a giraffe with a ballpoint pen and watercolors after photo by Steve Boer

Drawing of Giraffe in pen and watercolor

This is my fourth drawing today. They don’t take that long when I do them with this pen, so that might be the reason. I wish I could do this all day every day. Maybe some day.
I got the photo from Steve Boer’s photo blog

While drawing it, I couldn’t help thinking about the “Motivational Giraffe” blog that I’ve come upon often enough while killing time on the net (as if i had a lot of time to kill! )
Instead of giving everyday tips and important life lessons about friendship and self-improvement, my giraffe just sort of stares at you silently, trying to make you think there’s something utterly wrong with what you’re doing. Maybe there is? Maybe you ought to be doing other things? I know i do.. It’s not a very nice giraffe..