386 Portrait of Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium done in fineliner and watercolor

2015-03-11aThis is Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium

This time I started out with the fineliner (or pen.. what’s it called?) to first make the drawing and then I put on the watercolor. The ink has the disadvantage of not being erasable, so you can’t correct your mistakes. You can’t conceal it with watercolor either! So there are a number of things that I would have been able to change if I had started out in pencil – but that’s the game I suppose. I like ink sketches a lot – but they’re demanding. Watercolor and ink seems like a good marriage, but the pen is a little dominating, and to me it seems that the watercolor falls a bit in the background as “coloration”. It’s more like a drawing than it’s a painting.

This guy has got a big, wide smile in almost every photo i could find. There also seems to be some controversy with him and French fries, but I’m not sure what it is.

Here’s the photo
And here’s that link to my “Rulers of the World” page that’s growing bigger and bigger