Monthly Archive: March, 2015

Portrait of Juan Carlos Varela, the president of Panama

This is Juan Carlos Varela the president of Panama I’m not too happy with how it turned out. The hand, the mouth and the ear is off. I need to draw really carefully… Continue reading

Drawing of Shoko the Siamese cat in ballpoint pen

Here’s another cat for you! This cat’s called Shoko. Shoko’s a siamese cat who asked me to do a portrait. It seems that i get a lot of visits on my blog from… Continue reading

Drawing of an elephant in ballpoint pen after a photo by Cheryl Merril

I love elephants! And so does Cheryl Merril, who’s posting an elephant photo every day! I did this drawing after this elephant photo And I think it turned out pretty good.. When you… Continue reading

Drawing of my hand in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing of my hand done in ballpoint pen. I think that the background took longer than the hand! Crazy isn’t it? This was my 421th drawing and the last page… Continue reading

Street perspective in Tokyo in ballpoint pen and watercolor

This one i just did from google streetview – It’s really fun to explore the world with streetview – I were looking for a “historical city center” of Tokyo.. Older houses or older… Continue reading

Portrait of Nicos Anastasiades the president of Cyprus in ballpoint pen

This is Nicos Anastasiades the president of Cyprus. He’s part of my series of heads of state portraits Here’s the photo I used for reference It’s my 419th drawing! Have a nice Saturday… Continue reading

Drawing of an apple in ballpoint pen

This one I did really really early in the morning, waiting for the first buses start running. It’s an apple. 418

Drawing of chairs in perspective in ballpoint pen

Yesterday evening arriving for my night shift, I had some time to kill before starting work. I did this drawing of chairs in on of their little break-rooms. Here I’ve consumed litres upon… Continue reading

Perspective drawing of a street view scene in Rome, ballpoint pen

Here’s a drawing I did from google street view. It’s from the streets of Rome. I’m not overly satisfied with the scan. I’m using the scanner at the architecture school. A hugely expensive… Continue reading

Ink drawing of oliver the cat sleeping in ballpoint pen

This cat is called Oliver. And he’s sleeping. This is the third cat that I draw in a few days – you might wonder if I am planning to go pet shopping or… Continue reading