368 Portrait of Giorgi Margvelashvili, the president og Georgia drawn by pencil

2015-02-25aThis is Giorgi Margvelashvili, the president og Georgia drawn by pencil! (When will wikipedeia start linking back?)

I’ve been struggling with time recently – yet I keep painting in watercolor – so I listened to the advice of memadtwo (and many others) and decided to do this quick pencil sketch instead of a complicated watercolor.
I really like drawing in pencil – I think i got a lot of character down in this one without making too much effort. Sure, I could spend more time and make it nicer (or atleast plan it out in advance, so the guy could keep his ear) – but I enjoy these quick sketches.
Each time I do a pencil sketch, I tell myself that I ought to do more of that – then I do watercolors for one month! Let’s see what the medium will be tomorrow – I hope it’ll be another pencil sketch !

The drawing ofcourse, is part of my “Rulers of the World” series and although I might have turned the guy into a somewhat unpleasant felllow, I feel that I must say that I don’t know the guy, or anything about his politics. He’s probably a nice person – but being a public person, I’m sure that he’s used to it.

Do not forget to join us at reddit /r/ onedrawingdaily where we are about 5 people who each post our daily drawings. Daily. Or almost daily. Or paintings. The thing is growing slowly, but I hope it can get some momentum and perhaps attract some people from outside of the blogosphere too!

Oh and I almost forgot the photo I used