361 Portrait of a man


As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on a commissioned painting the last couple of days. Someone contacted me after having seen some of the portraits on my site, and asked me do do two portraits for him! Crazy isn’t it?

I’ve decided, though, that the portrait above does not have the likeness that I’d like to achieve, so I’m going to redo it and in the same time make another version in a more loose style.
I’m pretty excited about all this! I don’t consider myself very accomplished at any of this at all – and after only having been drawing every day for 5 months. it was a bit of a chock at somebody would actually want to pay me something to do it. I’m not asking a lot, though. Less than would be a reasonably hourly wage, but I’m going to put an effort in and make it as good as i possibly can.

This one is on an A3 (42×30 cm) as opposed to most of my portraits that are only 14×10 cm.

I’d be happy to hear everybody s suggestions, opinions, thoughts and comments. I do hope that the person in question will give me permission to post the final paintings as well, but we’ll see.