Monthly Archive: January, 2015

308 Portrait

This is after a photo that i found on the photographer Jeremy Cowart’s site The person portrayed is called Andres Martinez and is a photographer himself. Cowart is doing a series of “Portrait… Continue reading

307 Portrait

I did a horrendously bad portrait of my brother this morning, and even though he thought it looked all right, i still wanted to try and do it a little better. This is… Continue reading

306 Portrait

This turned out pretty grim. I was going to call this a portrait of my brother, but I think that it might make my mother a little angry at me, so let’s just… Continue reading

305 Portrait of Matthew McConaughey

After this photo I wanted to try a do a portrait with teeth. I mean, with a person with an open mouth, with teeth, and so i did. The mouth turned out okay,… Continue reading

304 Portrait

See the original here Poor guy got his ear slightly out of the frame. I just can’t help it. Otherwise he turned out well!

303 Portrait

See original here I think that i could benefit a lot from letting each individual layer dry before continuing with the painting – right now, I’m finishing it all in one go, and… Continue reading

302 perspective from inside a city block

It got a little messy. This is the last one in that series, but I’ll probably be redoing some of them if i have the time – In any case i definitely need… Continue reading

301 Perspective from inside a city block

Yet another one from the series of perspectives going from Mejlgade and in through the block towards Studsgade in Ã…rhus, Denmark

300 Baby portrait

This is my 300’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! And it’s the first baby I’ve ever drawn.. The real one is cuter – see him here It’s a little iritating that… Continue reading

299 perspective from inside a city block

This is my drawing number 299 – I hope to have the time for something bigger tomorrow morning – we’ll see !