Why don’t YOU start drawing every day? Take the challenge!

Do you feel as if your artistic skills haven’t improved at all since you were 10?
Do you have 15 minutes a day to spare?

Then why not spend them

Making a drawing a day!

SONY DSCThe sketchbooks will start to pile up after a few months. I’ve got some with watercolor paper most recently!

Do a 365-days challenge where you draw every day for one whole year or why not two? (Or start with a month, if that makes you feel more at ease)
Making a drawing each day is an excellent way to learn, to improve or to challenge yourself to get better – make a habit out of it, and drawing will soon just be a way of expressing yourself

Since I started drawing every day, I’ve improved tremendously (well.. In all modesty..), and the thought of stopping just gets more and more crazy in my mind!


How to get started with a daily drawing habit:

book pencils and eraserA sketchbook, two pencils and an eraser! (please.. no feedback needed on this drawing!)

Go out and get yourself a little black sketchbook. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but I must admit to have taken a liking to Moleskine’s watercolor sketchbooks. Don’t get the Moleskine classic or the notebook, though, the quality of the paper isn’t that good. Whatever sketchbook you chose,  it just needs to be something handy that you can carry around. No need for it to have a fancy name. It’s got to be black, though!
You can even make one yourself out of printing-paper, it doesn’t matter! I usually use smaller sketchbooks that measure around 10x14cm (4*6″) because a small drawing is quicker to finish than a big one – but go with what you prefer!

You’ll also need something to draw with – Pencils would be a good choice –  start with a HB (normal medium-hard graphite) and a B4 which is softer and darker -for when you draw Jack Sparrow’s eye-makup.. (Please don’t draw Jack Sparrow) There are a lot of “kits” out there with a range of pencils. You can go ahead and pick one up, like this one with six pencils with a pencil sharpener and and eraser. But you can start with just two pencils though.

But do get an eraser!

That’s all you need! – Don’t buy a lot of stuff to begin with, you’ll discover what you need and what you like to play and experiment with later on!

But I don’t know how to draw!?

A self portrait that i did a few months back! Don’t be ashamed of being a beginner!

No one knows how to draw before they learn – don’t let that stop you! Just start drawing and don’t stop, and you’ll very soon get the bases down. It’s quite simple actually!
Whatever you do, if you do it a lot, you will improve!
People say that you need to train a skill for 10.000 hours in order to become a “master”. I don’t know about that, but i DO know that you can become pretty good at drawing if you do it every day for just a couple of months. (I’ve done it) If you’re not good at it, it’s actually your best argument to start doing it!

But how do I stay motivated?

comment bubbleComment unto others as you would have them comment unto you

Use the community! It’s been a great help for me to share my daily drawings on the internet! There are literally thousands (millions?) of people out there who share your interest, and who would love to give you encouragement, suggestions and pointers on your work – no matter your level! With WordPress or Blogger you can easily and free of charge create a blog (like this one) where you can post everything you do! Go comment on other peoples blogs, and quickly people will start checking in on yours regularly.
There are also sites like Deviatnart where you can create a user-account and post your work for people to comment on
And I just created a sub-reddit at Reddit, where you’re very very welcome to come and share your daily work
It’s called /r/onedrawingdaily and I promise that you’ll get feedback in there!

What if i don’t know what to draw?

One day I just drew this thing…

It’s crazy, but even though you can draw anything in the world, it can still sometimes be hard to chose something! But fear not!  here are 400 suggestions  and if you don’t like those, draw everything in your glove compartment, draw something beginning with a different letter of the alphabet each day, draw your hand, make a drawing of your cat draw what’s in your fridge (before it goes bad, please) copy your favorite artist’s work (that’s how all the great masters of art-history learned by the way), draw from the photos of your last vacation, draw all political leaders of the world like I do!

You still haven’t found anything to draw? Then try this little book, with 642 writing prompts. Some are quite simple, like a “toothbrush” whereas some prompt you to draw more abstracts concepts like “girlish laughter” – something to make you think out of the box! This kind of book is great for just opening on a random page every day for a writing suggestion. It’s got some empty space on each page that you may or may not use for your sketches.

That’s all for now – I hope that you’ll join me with your own “One Drawing Daily” adventure! Do drop a link if you’ve got your blog up and running! I’d REALLY REALLY like to see them!