Monthly Archive: December, 2014

239 Portrait of a Gorilla

I found out that monkey is nos the appropriate terms – most of the tail-less big “monkeys” that remind us a bit of humans are “apes” And then is has something to do… Continue reading

238 Portrait of a Bonobo monkey

I did manage to do a drawing today! – It’s zombie Saturday – the day after my nightshift, and we’ve had some of my family over for dinner, so you’re getting it a… Continue reading

237 Portrait of Lars Von Trier

See the original here His neck and his sweatshirt are a little off. His films are excellent though.

236 – Portrait of MultipleThomas

It’s a self-portrait, but it’s not after a mirror. It’s actually not a self-portrait, but a portrait after a portrait of myself. What do you call that? The original version is here I… Continue reading

235 Self-Portrait #31

Just 30 minutes i said to myself, and i rushed this one. I’m quite happy about it, though i look very weird. See my other 30 self-portraits here

234 Portrait of Peter Zumpthor

See the original here Does anybody have any tips as to make that kind of beard-stubbles in watercolour? I’m also curious as to which colour people normally chose for making beards and hair.… Continue reading

233 Portrait of Cristopher Lee

See the original photo here You might have noticed that I “only” posted one lonely little drawing yesterday – I think that the same will be the case for today. Although painting and… Continue reading

232 Self-portrait #30

This one actually looks like me. I’m really happy about it. I sat in front of a strong lamp with warm light – not nearly as warm is in the painting – this,… Continue reading

231 Portrait of Miles Davis

The original photo is here I seem to have somehow altered the perspective. This looks more like a frontal view than the photo. Maybe the background should have been another colour, and the… Continue reading

230 Portrait of David Lynch in watercolour

See the original here I’m quite satisfied with this! – It’s perfect, but it’s way ahead of the self-portrait i did this morning!