Monthly Archive: December, 2014

259 Hand and foot

This is a hand and a foot that i painted from this photo The colours are not very good – it looks like a documentation for assurance money. I don’t know – skin… Continue reading

258 Hands

See the original here And see the rest of my hands here I wanted to do something on a bigger size paper, and have had a lot of success with hands recently. Ironically,… Continue reading

257 Eyes and nose excercise with pastels

I found this portrait class here where “students” are asked to use dry pastels. In the first lesson you do eyes and the nose. I went out and bought myself five dry-pastels in… Continue reading

256 Another Gorilla portrait

The original photo is here Apparently this guy got out of his cage and injured three people. What primitive behavior! I’ve got a tube of white goache to experiment with highlight.. Really just… Continue reading

255 Portrait of a gorilla

This is an unhappy looking gorilla.. I was kind of tired, and this painting shows it well. Not the biggest success to date. I’ll be back with something better tomorrow. See the original… Continue reading

254 Portrait of Gorilla

I borrowed this photo from “Paint my photo” user Angeline Rijkeboer See the original photo here

253 Hands

See the original here

252 Portrait of Frank Zappa

See the original here They’re something strange going on with this portrait, and i can’t quite figure out what it is.. The eyes are strange, that’s for sure, but Zappas eyes ARE strange..… Continue reading

251 Portrait of Samuel L Jackson

See the original here. Samuel Jackson with a round head and a huge eye.. And that’ll probably be it for today! I hope to post something better tomorrow!

250 Portrait of Nelson Mandela

His chin sort of jumps out of the picture, and maybe the red was not the best colour for the background, but other than that, I’m really happy about this one. The goal… Continue reading