Monthly Archive: December, 2014

279 Portrait of dog

This is after a photo of my mom’s dog. The nose is too small and the ink took over at the top of the heard where the fur got a little too overwhelming.… Continue reading

278 Portrait of a football supporter

See the original here I don’t usually name my artwork – especially when I’m borrowing reference photo’s from other people – but this one i think ought to be called “Fußball” I really… Continue reading

277 Portrait

See the original here I think that I’ve shaken off my holiday stupor, and am pretty much back to speed. This portrait turned out really good in my mind – the background and… Continue reading

276 Portrait

It’s not the best thing that I’ve ever done, but it’s sure better than the last three days – See the original here I’ve been visiting family from the 23th to the 25th… Continue reading

275 “gorilla”

Ill get back to my regular less quick drawings tomorrow. Goodnight!

274 hand

One each day- even when i don’t have the time, that’s the principle.. happy holidays!

273 portrait after van gogh

272 Portrait

Here‘s the original Something is happening to his glasses..

271 Portrait of old man 2

I did another one, and this one I’m pretty happy about – if you’re unmotivated and unhappy about what you just did, do another one. These shall be my wise words of today.… Continue reading

270 Portrait of an old man

I’m not feeling very motivated today, and that might reflect a little in todays portrait. I think it looks alright, though. But not much like the guy in this photo