Monthly Archive: December, 2014

289 Portrait of a greyhound

After this original these dogs have always fascinated me.. And i can now say that they have very complex eyes and ears.. I think that this one will be the last one for… Continue reading

288 Portrait

Original here New year? Who cares about new year! I’m doing watercolour! As you can see in the photo, the tom of his head is bathed in light, and not really visible.. I… Continue reading

287 Dog portrait

This is my third try for this dog. I think that this one is better, although I would have liked the fur to have a more dry and smooth texture. The nose seems… Continue reading

285 dog portrait

I did this one before the one i just posted – But because of some technical problem (me) I had to erase the post and repost it.. SO here it is again. I… Continue reading

286 Portrait

A less than perfect portrait.. original

284 Portrait

See the original here

283 Winter dog portrait

This one turned out better! – I feared a little for the colour in the beginning, but i think that it works well even though the dark parts should have been a little… Continue reading

282 Dog portrait

This one looks a little scoopie-doopish. It’s because of the eyes being a little too different. The real one does look a little wonky aswell, though, so it cannot be completely off. It’s… Continue reading

281 Portrait of dog

I’ve experimented a bit with the colours for this one – this dog ought to be light beige and black, but the beige turned out a little bit too powerful. I’ll probably give… Continue reading

280 Portrait of Willem Dafoe

Original here I have this ongoing battle with Willem Dafoe.. This must be the best one I have done of him yet – The underlip is a little too light, though and it… Continue reading