146 Self-portrait #12 – and something about critique in art

Hmh.. I should not have added the dark background.. i should not have toned my face so much. Own own face remains the most difficult. I stumbled across this blogpost about critique and feedback and thought that I would share it. I’m an architecture student, and I believe that architecture school and art school have … Read more

145 Portrait of John Dramani Mahama, the president of Ghana

See the article of reference here and the original photo here The president underlines the importance of not only focusing on material facts concerning the spread of ebola. Instead of focusing on the amount of sick people, hospital beds, available docters, we need to approach it in a more human scale (my own words). I … Read more

141 Portrait of Mitch McConnell

Congratulation on electing your new ruler, americans. May he be feared by his enemies and loved by his people May he live long and prosper And may his hand grow back to reasonable proportions This is actually the first page in my new sketchbook. This nice and friendly looking guy will greet me with his … Read more

140 Portrait of a worrisome Barack Obama

See the original here A strange expression isn’t it?… Perhaps this press photographer just caugt Obama in the end of a yawn. Or did he actually frown like that? Amarican elections get almost as much media coverage in Denmark as danish elections.. It’s a question of entertainment.. Yeah sure, it influences everybody who is behind … Read more