Monthly Archive: November, 2014

198 Another portrait of Thelonnious Monk

See the original here

197 Portrait of Miles Davis

See th original here This portrait ended up pretty jazzy – Maybe I got a little carried away. I think it’s really fun to start a drawing with a really fuzzy approximation with… Continue reading

196 Portrait of John Coltrane

Here‘s the original I thought I’d try repeating the succes with my Thelonius Monk sketch yesterday, by doing another jazz-hero. It’s not quite as good, but I’m not complaining !

195 Portrait of Thelonius Monk

See the original here

194 Portrait of Jack Nicholson

See the original here It doesn’t look that much like Nicholson – maybe some facial features are slightly out of proportion. Two steps forward, one step back !

193 Portrait of David Lynch

See the original here I think I’m making great progres with my portraits! So I’m padding myself on the shoulder a bit. Are you guys realizing that I’ll soon be drawing my drawing… Continue reading

2. Portrait of Sandra Bullock (192)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
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191 Portrait of Steven Van Zandt

See the original here Back from the night shift in my usual zombie-like state. I read an article in the newspaper during the night, about Steven Van Zandt, whom i know from Sopranos… Continue reading

1. Portrait of Will Smith (190)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
See the original photo here

189 Perspective of house by ARX Portugal Arquitectos

See the original photo here. I think it’s a little better on the paper than it is on the scan. I really like this facade on the photo, but not so much on… Continue reading