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208 Hand. Or is it mountains?

Hehe.. The last one turned out pretty good, so i supposed i got a little too couragous, and went all loose and artsy with the ink – to draw my own hand from… Continue reading

207 first time inker, long time wanting-to-inker, (hand)

See the original here analogrevolutionart suggested that i might start to get into other medium – she mentioned india-ink. I have long admired ink drawings, but have never gotten as far as to… Continue reading

206 self portrait #23

205 Hands

They’re out of poroportion. Thumbs too small. Here‘s the original

204 Hand and cigarette

The original photo is here

203 Hand and glass

Se the original here Although the original has a lot of contrast, it doesn’t have a lot of shadows – it could have been nicer with another lightsource.. And by the way –… Continue reading

202 hands

See the original here And more hands hands hands

201 Self portrait #22 in pastels

Instead of the 200th, i give you the 201st drawing ! It’s a self-portrait drawn on a A3 sized paper before a mirror – with colour-pastels! These were requests that i got from┬áH… Continue reading

3 Portrait of Heath Ledger (200)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
See the original here

199 Hand

See the original here Please don’t hold your breaths for drawing #200 – I may not have the time for a “big” drawing this evening or tomorrow morning. So it could be that… Continue reading