Monthly Archive: November, 2014

126 Portrait after Renoir

I did this really really fast – I have always admired those quick sketches that catch the essentials with very few lines. They’re rough, and it’s almost as if the artist just “attacked”… Continue reading

125 Portrait of Segelone Royal (French minister)

This is Segelone Royal – French minister of ecology (?) explaining that the French government has no idea who is sending drone-airplanes to fly over French nuclear-plants. Who might it be? Is for… Continue reading

124 Pro-Russian Ukraineans voting

This one is not completely finished, but I’ll leave it like that. We’re going out to catch a few of the rare sunbeams. You have to be quick to if you want that… Continue reading

123 Self portrait #7

After having done roughly 18 million portraits the last week or so, I decided that it might be the time, to get back to my self-portraits. I still have no mirror – I… Continue reading

122 Portrait after Francis Bacon

121 Peter Piot – the scientist who discovered ebola

This is not strictly news – but it’s a picture that i stumbled upon in the newspaper, and I wanted to draw it. I need to work on simplified faces seen from afar.… Continue reading