Monthly Archive: November, 2014

138 Hands after photo by Kendrick Brinson

Sometimes it goes better than other times. Here‘s the original

137 – Little girl in the ruins of her house – after photo by Anne Paq

See the original here and the rest of the (selected?) photos here

135-136 Two quick “plein air” perspectives

One in charcoal/grey watercolour pencil and one in pencil. I bought myself a “folding-chair-backpack” so, now the approaching winter is my only excuse not to get out and draw.

134 Self-portrait #9

133 Another set of folded hands after photo by emiliano beltrani

Hands are hard – especially when they do this weird stuff. I’m going to do a lot of hands from photos for a while to better understand them. Then I’ll gradually “zoom out”… Continue reading

132 Self-portrait #8 (And now done with a mirror!)

So i finally got myself a mirror! A tiny, little mirror, much to small for my big head – And moving it further away doesn’t work, not with these glasses! (I might try… Continue reading

130-131 Two lightning quick Renoir studies

Originals here and here Maybe these are in fact too quickly done. I could imagine that it’d be a good excersice to often do these turbo-sketches in order to get better at capturing… Continue reading

129 Folded hands – After photo by Emmanuel Orain

Hands are really complicated  – i think that i will try doing a series of different hand-poses to get a little better.

128 Portrait of Lars Løkke Rasmussen

This is a Danish ex-premiere minister. Maybe the future minister aswell – he’ll be remembered for.. nothing much.. unless he gets Denmark involved in another war.. Now that would be something worth remembering..… Continue reading

127 Portrait after Renoir

A bit “high” after being happy with my last drawing a few minutes ago, I thought i would do another one – It wasn’t such a big sucess to put it mildly –… Continue reading