201 Self portrait #22 in pastels


Instead of the 200th, i give you the 201st drawing ! It’s a self-portrait drawn on a A3 sized paper before a mirror – with colour-pastels! These were requests that i got from H Schlagen and papict. The latter altso suggested that I use another reflecting object instead of a mirror – she mentioned a broken mirror or the back of a spoon – I really wanted to do this, but opted out. I couldn’t make it work for the time being – maybe another time!

The above drawing didn’t take long. Looking at it, you might think that i ought have spent more time, but suddently the face was there, and I couldn’t find anywhere else to draw.. Stepping back and looking at it gives me a great deal of that cave-man feel that most of my selfportraits seem to invoke.. It must be the stare.. Or the eyes that are a bit too close together.. Or the jaw twisted strangely to the left, as if iI’m still chewing on something only semi-edible from yesterdays mammoth-hunt.. Oh well.