146 Self-portrait #12 – and something about critique in art


Hmh.. I should not have added the dark background.. i should not have toned my face so much. Own own face remains the most difficult.

I stumbled across this blogpost about critique and feedback and thought that I would share it. I’m an architecture student, and I believe that architecture school and art school have the culture of critiques in common. At the end of a project, each student presents his/her work and the teachers and sometimes students give their feedback. It’s not alway positive – teachers are not pedagogues, and with time, you get used to not taking negative feedback personally.. (Or you get better at it…) – I think that this culture of critique and feedback is really important for evolving, either as an artist or as an architect (and one could argue that an architect IS an artist). I get a lot of really positive feedback on my blog.. And while it flatters me, and motivates me, i can’t help being a little suspicious.. I am just beginning my learning proces – it’s not THAT great, is it?

I suppose that what I want to say is, that you can give me negative feedback aswell – as long as it’s constructive.. I’m in the process of rounding up my studies as an architect, and sadly, I don’t think that i can devote another 3-5 years on an art degree.. But there’s a lot of experienced artists out there – either autodidacts or people with art-degrees. I’d like to encourage everyone to help me evolve in my art (i almost feel like writing “art” because i don’t think i’m quite there yet) – If i were a student and you were a teacher in an art school/university, what would you say to me?

Anyway, I’m really happy about the comments and feedback that I am getting! Although people are being really nice, and not that rough, I still think that people have given me a lot of constructive suggestions and examples of things to look at, so even if you don’t feel like being more agressive, I’m still really happy that people respond to what I’m doing!

And now I’ve better get back to that architecture degree!