145 Portrait of John Dramani Mahama, the president of Ghana


See the article of reference here and the original photo here

The president underlines the importance of not only focusing on material facts concerning the spread of ebola. Instead of focusing on the amount of sick people, hospital beds, available docters, we need to approach it in a more human scale (my own words).

I think the drawing turned out ok, but i do have a huge problem with proportion.. His head turned out much flatter than it is, and i tried to correct it a bit.. I just don’t get why i do not see such important errors straigt on.

Since i started to draw from newsmedia every day, I am beginning to notice the black suits more.. It is strange as a symbol.. I must admit to not knowing much about Ghana or its president, but when you put his portrait beside that of the other suit-bearing guy’s I’ve done, they all appear alike. They’re all wearing the uniform of a common cause, common goals, same importance, same laws, principles.. As if they were all officers of the same organisation. Or so it would appeart.. If I shaved, cut my hair and put on the suit from my wedding and did a self-portrait with a serious facial expression, I would fit in perfectly between Bachar Al-Assad and Barack Obama. We would be three variations of the same subject..

What am i trying to say?.. Nothing really.. But it’s strange how making a drawing of something can make you look at it differently.