Monthly Archive: November, 2014

228 Watercolur leaf

This is a leaf that I’ve had lying around since there were still some leafs on the trees.. It’s gotten a little crisp since then. It doesnt’t look a lot like the “original”,… Continue reading

227 my hand in watercolour

I don’t know much about colours, but approaching this one, i thought that i saw some red and some green in my hand. These two tints are ofcourse very sutle on a base… Continue reading

226 Still life #2 – Pumpkin, watch, lighter and ink-bottle – In watercolour

So this is real watercolour-paper, and i can clearly see the difference from the other “smooth” paper i have been using. This one absorbs a lot more water, and the colour spreads easily… Continue reading

225 Still life #1 pumpkin, watch and lighter

Why not do a series of still lifes? This is the first one, and as it goes for first ones, it’s not particularly good. I need to work on composition for one thing.… Continue reading

224 Self-portrait #28

It got a bit too dark, and my nose has disappeared.. This is the second last page in my current sketchbook – I’ll soon break out the new one, with the much anticipated… Continue reading

223 Skulls

See the original here Skulls and bones are quite facinating… I’d like to have some kind of object in the house that could be interresting to draw repeatedly from different angles and with… Continue reading

222 Self-portrait #27

Here we go again. I got a comment from Matthias pointing out that my self-portraits seem to be much less realist than my other portraits. He’s right, and I’ve been thinking the same… Continue reading

221 Portrait of Le Corbusier

This is a portrait of the Swiss architect Le Cobusier. In reality his head is a little less round and his jaw a little less shaded.

220 Musicians hand

See the original photo here

219 Portrait of Arne Jacobsen

I can’t post the photo, because I took it from a book – I can say, though that the resemblance is not 100% there – I do like the end result though. The… Continue reading