Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Vincent’s chair ( Drawing 90 )

This is a chair, drawn after a Van Gogh Painting. His own chair apparently. He painted it on a happy painting-binge while he passed some time with Paul Gauguin whom Van Gogh’s brother,… Continue reading

Bird-like object ( Drawing 89 )

Yesterday, bearspawprint requested that i did a drawing of a particular object in my perspective drawing from our kitchen – She called it a “bird like object” – and given that i am… Continue reading

City-scape #8 ( Drawing 88 )

Another one in the “serial vision” series. See the other 7 here There’s some obvious problems in scale – I get a little frustrated seeing it up on the screen. I need to… Continue reading

“Grotesque” from church in Prague ( Drawing 87 )

Detail from a gothic church in Prague.

City-scape #7 ( Drawing 86 )

I got a comment from Bosartis who suggested that I continue with the pen/watercolour combination, like i did here. This is an attempt to do that – it’s not as succesful as the… Continue reading

View from the kitchen ( Drawing 85 )

The perspective is getting there – I make some mistakes, that i didn’t want to correct in the proces, though.. It’s nice to draw real-life stuff instead of drawing from photos.

Elephant transformation #5 (Drawing 84 )

Fifth step in my elephant transformation. This time i moved from collage to watercolor. I thought that the simple fact of radicaly changing medium would represent enough of an abstraction, but the new… Continue reading

Van Gogh horrible mistake ( Drawing 83 )

Sorry Van Gogh !.. Ouch, what’s wrong these days? I’ll do some better drawings very soon- I promise!

City-scape #6 ( Drawing 82 )

I’m back from the night shift – back from Prague – and tired. Here’s another drawing from the “Serial Vision” in Ã…rhus. It might lack some enthusiasm.. maybe i’ll do another one later.… Continue reading

Boats after van gogh. Drawing 81

“Landing stage with boats” after Van Gogh.. drawn in the train from a book.