City-scape #8 ( Drawing 88 )

Another one in the “serial vision” series. See the other 7 here There’s some obvious problems in scale – I get a little frustrated seeing it up on the screen. I need to be more strict in measuring and believe less in what I “think” that I see. As for the brick, I think that … Read more

City-scape #7 ( Drawing 86 )

I got a comment from Bosartis who suggested that I continue with the pen/watercolour combination, like i did here. This is an attempt to do that – it’s not as succesful as the other one in my opinion. The colors are better in the former, and the lines more messy (which is a drawing like … Read more

Elephant transformation #5 (Drawing 84 )

Fifth step in my elephant transformation. This time i moved from collage to watercolor. I thought that the simple fact of radicaly changing medium would represent enough of an abstraction, but the new elephant turned out pretty much like the preceding one. I don’t know when or how it will be finished. We’ll see where … Read more