Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Perspective in apartment #100

It’s the HOUNDRETH drawing that I’m posting here! It’s in A3 and took a couple of hours. Normally my drawings fit into a very small sketchbook (10X14cm)  – but today I wanted to… Continue reading

My shoe. 99

I wanted to draw this for some time. I really like these shoes, and i think that the drawing turned out well. Stay tuned for drawing #100

Closed hand. 98

I’ve got some internet-problems, so here you have my morning drawing from my phone.

Baby-foot in hand. (97)

I just did a drawing of my hand, and thought that I’d do one of a foot – upon a google image search for feet (I’m not so much for holding my own… Continue reading

Weirdly-proportioned hand (96)

Strange how it can be difficult to choose something to draw, when at the same time each one of us constantly carry around a couple of these..

Same object in watercolour and pen. Drawing 95.

I wasn’t very happy with the watercolour, so i decided that it couldn’t hurt if i added some ink lines. It got a little better.

Desk-lamp holder. Drawing 94

I’ll try doing a watercolor of it now

Self portrait 6 ( Drawing 93 )

Yes it’s been a while.. It’s still after a phtoto – I’ll go on a hunt for a little mirror that i can put on my table, to draw from. As soon as… Continue reading

Turtle ( Drawing 92 )

Sometimes you just feel like drawing a turtle. Might this, however be a tortoise?

Perspective from desk. Drawing 91

It’s not completely off.