Monthly Archive: October, 2014

110 portrait after Rembrandt

109 portrait after Rembrandt

108 Portrait after Degas

I could have used the papersize better. I really like Degas’ use of pastels – I do have a set lying around, but I find it really hard to be precise with them.… Continue reading

107 – Portrait after Rembrandt

My portraits is definetly not my best drawings – so i figure that i just have to do a lot of them. This one is after Rembrandt. I’ll be doing more….

106# Medusa – after Caravaggio

analogrevolutionart said in one of my posts that I should have a look at Caravaggio – I’m glad she did! As usual, I have to run for the morning train in a few… Continue reading

#105 City-skape #9

If “meh” was ever appropriate to describe an artist’s impression of his own work, I think it would be now.

104 Bones inside the hand – study after drawing

Here’s yet another study from my anatomy book. It’s a really small drawing, but the drawings in my book are really precise, and et takes a great effort to copy it.. I think… Continue reading

103 Three drawings of my pencil sharpener

It’s saturday – Yesterday i had my friday night-shift, which means that i sleep until the late afternoon, and feel like a hanged cat. So today, my drawing isn’t too enthusiatic. It’s my… Continue reading

102 Shoulder and breast anatomy

I did another anatomy drawing ealier in the day – it was reblogged by MarithaPress – So i thought that i ought just add, that this is a study of a drawing from… Continue reading

Arm anatomy. 101

So I got myself a book about human anatomy. This is a quick copy of an illustration. Now I’m going to run for the train as usual.