Bird-like object ( Drawing 89 )


Yesterday, bearspawprint requested that i did a drawing of a particular object in my perspective drawing from our kitchen – She called it a “bird like object” – and given that i am unsure of the name of this particular object in english, lets just let it stay as that. I’m quite happy with this one – drawing a simple drawing like this gives me a little “space” to dive down in the detail. I don’t have to understand a big and complicated scene, so i can focus on the reflections, the shadow, etc.

I must say that i was really happy to recieve a request for something to draw! I love how blogging makes it possible to interact and to – perhaps at some point – collaborate in some kind of way. Please, if anyone has some suggestions, comments or maybe requests for things that i might draw or paint, do not hesitate to tell me!

Thanks again to bearspawprint for the request and the comments!