Elephant transformation #4 ( “Drawing” 69 )

2014-10-10b 2014-10-10a

I realise that this is not a drawing – and it doesn’t stricly count in my “one drawing a day” mission.. I’m counting it anyway, though, because i make the rules around here.

It’s made out of advertisments from an architecture-magazine that i recieve once a month and regretably never read.. (Partly because of all the ADS) – that and glue.. It’s that type of glue that gets crisp and fall off after a while.. So we’ll see if this one will hold.

I found out that i skipped two pages in my little sketchbook, and i feel awful about it.. Really like the cronology of things – It’s a little obsessive, although i don’t want to banalize the people problems of people who suffer from real obsessions.. But i don’t like the idea of going back to make new drawings before my last one.. I don’t know if people can identify..
So i was thinking that i need to do something special with these two pages, that makes them different from the other drawings in their continuety.. Does anybody have any suggestions on that or anything else? (Am i being wierd?)

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