The fall of Abel, the world dictator ( Drawing 56 )

2014-10-05b org 2014-10-05b

So here’s and update on Abel, the world dictator of whom i wrote two days ago – You can read about it here 

Abel although aldready dead, didn’t live through the weekend. This morning i found the sculpture smashed beside it’s podium, gently “put aside” towards the wall of the church – probably by the people cleaning the town square after Friday og Saturdays drinking mayhem.

Is the secret sculptor out there observing the tragic end of his work, concealing the tears in his eyes while citysweepers collect the pieces of his great dictator sculpture?

Probably not. I think that the artist saw this coming – it might even be a well thought out and calculated part of his / her intricate plans for the installation.. Anyhow – I did i drawing of the scene – I’m not the kind of person who posts pictures without making a drawing. No sir.

It turned out ok – it’s a lot of work to draw bricks, and they’re very little uniform in size.. Does anybody have some good examples of how one can draw brick-walls in a simplyfied manner?