Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Constructive system at Can Lis

So here you have another one from Can Lis – The photo is taken from a book – the drawing is significantly less clear than the photo, but i kind of like the… Continue reading

Another day, another crappy drawing – this time with added crappy aquarel

Putting these two up side by side really makes you see some stuff.. The perspective is off, the shadows are bad and.. yeah.. As for the aquarel, this is a skill i’d really… Continue reading

Mouse-steps into onedrawingdaily and is miss a day! – But here’s a quick one for yesterday!

Yeah, it’s pretty much in the title. Friday was a long day – i work a night shift on fridays and got home around 8’o clock in the morning – then i slept… Continue reading

Stairs in the casbah of Algiers

This is another photo from Algiers, from the old city-centre the casbah. I’m drawing this in quite a small format – 14×8 cm – so it’s a small drawing relatively quickly finished. Putting… Continue reading

First three days – four crappy drawings!

So this is my first post, and i start by posting the first four drawings i have done in the last three days, and as you can see, there is room for improvement!… Continue reading