Study of photo of sculpture by Henry Moore by Nexus by me ( Drawing 39 )


I wanted to do something quick and easy before dinner, and i found this photo taken by Nexus of this beautiful sculpture by Henry Moore. I haven’t seen the full extends of the sculpture, but i really like this framing of it.

It was neither quick, nor easy!

The user paintbynumberparents  gave me a suggestion here about using a blending stick for getting better gradient tones, but i couldn’t really get it to work.. It just doesn’t really smudge the graphite.. I don’t know if it’s the paper, the stick or me who’s the problem.

Anyway – as usual, if anybody has god some tips, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate in commenting.

And thanks to everybody commenting, Nexus for lending me the photo, and to Henry Moore, by whom i didn’t ask permission !