Another leaf ( Drawing 38 )

2014-09-29c org 2014-09-29c

I got a comment on my last aquarel leaf by nexi about adding some darkness to make a more spacial effect, and i decided to immediatly try it.

It took me a little while to find a good yellow that corresponded with the leaf, so i painted a couple of times on top of each other. I don’t think that this is the “correct” way to use water colour – it needs to be thin and tranparent layers.. But i’m learning.

The shadow turned out more yellow than i wanted.. And this leaf just might be a little more complicated than the other one. But i think i got a reasonably good result out of it. It’s great fun to play with water colour, and it’s way faster to “finish” a drawing than toning with a pencil.

The black around the edge may be a bit too contracted and massive.. It turned out like a contour rather than a gradual shade. i’ll think about that for next time.

Comment, suggestions and tips would be appreciated as usual!