Selfportrait #2


Five days ago, i did a self-portrait that can be seen here

It didn’t look a lot like me! – I got a comment from travelsopher who posted a video with some helpful pointers, and mir685 gave me some pointers regarding the proportions in the drawing.

So i thought, that now that a few days had passed, I’d try again with the same photo for comparability, and while i think that the nose and the forehead is better, some other things are way off. Add to that, that i have this spaced expression in my face, just staring weirdly into the air.. Oh wait, was that the reference photo?

Anyway – my thoughts on drawing something like this, is that you can’t learn to draw noses, eyes, mouths, heads, etc. But you can learn to draw. I think that people have the wrong idea when they say “here is how to draw noses”, and then they show you a drawing of a nose. Drawing a portrait is the same as drawing an object, a landscape or whatever – it’s a question of correctly reading what you see, and recording it to the paper, and oftentimes what you see is not the idealised nose, but a weird crooked nose with strange shadows and some odd wrinkles.

The reason my self-portraits look so much worse that everything else i do (no, it’s not because they’re SELF-portraits!) – is, that the brain is wired to seeing and recognizing faces – it’s something we’ve got from nature. We can very easily tell, if this is someone we know, or if it’s “anoter guy”.. When i look at my two self-portraits i definetly do not see myself – looking at my perspectives and so on seems to be better representations of my photo references, but i think it’s illusions.. So having sort of explained all this to myself, i feel a little reasured in having made anoter awfull self portrait. It’s not worse than the rest, my brain has just got a little higher standards when it comes to faces.