Another elephant – this time drawn ny pencil – based upon a photo by Susan Portnoy

SONY DSC2014-09-22b org

After the drawing i did this morning, i felt like drawing another elephant. I found this excellent photo by Susan Portnoy and i decided that this time, i’d do a pencil drawing.

I’m not too happy with my drawing, and i’m not quite sure what went wrong – Maybe i should sharpen my pencils and try again – or maybe the solution is being less detailed when drawing min my 10x14cm format (but this simply cannot be it)
The mouth region in my drawing especially seems weird.. Maybe it’s because of the grass it’s chewing on.. Maybe i’m just not being precise enough with the wrinkles. The drawing could use some addtional work with the tones – i’ll get that better next time.

These beautiful animals are really challenging to draw – mainly because of their textured skin – It’ll get better when i’ve done a couple more. In the meantime – please, if anyone has got some tips, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to post them !

And thanks to Susan Portnoy one more time for letting me use her photos!