Self portrait – This just might be my true self!


…. And then you might ask: But Thomas, who’s that drunken sailor next to your photo?
And it might surprise you to hear, that two two images above – are of the same person – yours truly.

Drawing perspectives are difficult – drawing portraits are extremely difficult!  But in all honesty – i enjoy portraits more! Even with my limited skills and my sick judgement of prorportion, i fell that portraits get expressive no matter how badly you do them, or maybe they get even more expressive when you do them badly.

Surely, artists who draw/paint expressivly, learn to draw what they see to a satisfying degree before they start to “modify” what their pencils register – i actually try to be precise, and the end result gets fuzzy because of my skills. Who cares, i’m happy.

The reason i decided to make a SELF PORTRAIT was that i’ve been surfing a bit around looking af different people’s blogs, and i wanted to make myself an avatar-image! The problem is that this drawing sort of looks ridiculous when it gets downsized (or should i say more ridiculous?… No, why would i badmouth my own drawing?) – So i might at some point try to make one with less detail.

I would be really happy to hear people’s comments and suggestions about my portrait. And please do critizise. I might just listen to what you have to say!