Street perspective based on a painting

Painting by Hanna Waite SONY DSC
So i thought i would HURRY up and do a new drawing, just to get that akward self-portrait a little down on the front-page.
The painting on the left is by HANNA WAITE – I really like her paintings and their contrasts, and decided that i wanted to “copy” it off to the best of my abilities to primarily get a better feeling for the contrasts. I realize that there are some things that are not entirely correct, when the pictures are put next to one another – for example the center of the first house – which i for some reason placed a little to the left side.The size of the car is another thing.

I wanted to do this quickly – i know that i ought to sit down and take my time at some point, and be metecilously precise and neat, but.. It wasn’t today… Another time. My ultimate goal is not to draw photorealisticly but rather to learn to convey the essensial, and giving my own touch to the motif. I’d like to be a good sketcher above anything.. And i’d really like to be able to turn my imprecision and shaky lines into a quality.

Thanks to Hanna Waite for letting me use her painting – it’ll probably not be the last time!