Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Two leafs ( Drawings 41 and 42 )

So I had a little hectic aquarel session after my Cezanne study this morning. I had to run for the train. Again. I think i ought to get some kind of control over… Continue reading

Cezanne in the morning ( Drawing 40)

I tried toning the trees with circle-movements. This morning i have a little more time, so i’ll try to make an aquarel before running for the train!

Study of photo of sculpture by Henry Moore by Nexus by me ( Drawing 39 )

I wanted to do something quick and easy before dinner, and i found this photo taken by Nexus of this beautiful sculpture by Henry Moore. I haven’t seen the full extends of the… Continue reading

Another leaf ( Drawing 38 )

I got a comment on my last aquarel leaf by nexi about adding some darkness to make a more spacial effect, and i decided to immediatly try it. It took me a little… Continue reading

I went out an found myself a leaf ( Drawing 37 )

I suppose the title says it all – it was quite difficult. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated ! I hope to do another later in the day!

A pair of leather clogs – after Van Gogh ( Drawing 36 )

Yup – this is a drawing I copied from the impressionist superhero Vincent Van Gogh. I didn’t ask the artist’s permission for making this study, but i sincerely hope that he would be… Continue reading

Bell peppers #2 ( drawing 35 )

It feels like i’m getting somewhere! since this was a little later in the day, the light was rather strong, and therefore the shadows became harder. On the photo, there’s just a passing… Continue reading

Aquarel bell-peppers

So this is the first “real life” drawing that I have made (for my blog anyway). After getting some suggestions from Jack from and from Alison Warner i decided that it was… Continue reading

Figg-leaf from Time Nexus

I found this figg-leaf on the Time Nexus foto blog. It reminded me of my visits to Algeria where these trees are everywere – with the sweetest, most delicious fruits just haning ripe… Continue reading

Aquarel based upon sketch by Alison Warner

I stumbled upon the blog of Alison Warner who makes some really beautiful aquarel paintings. Her original is (obviously) the one on the right. When i asked for permission to use her aquarels… Continue reading