0 thoughts on “195 Portrait of Thelonius Monk”

  1. You’ve got the line work done perfect. Go darker. A lot darker. All your drawings lack are contrast. Have you tried sketching in india ink? That will force you to go dark and it’s very unforgiving. You’re ready for something more challenging than pencil. Work looks amazing

    • Thanks! I’ve seen people using ink and I’m really fascinated with how it looks and how you can control the tonality and so on.. But I’m not quite sure how it works – Do you paint it with a brush, or is it more like a fountain pen? And then what’s the difference between india-ink, chinese ink – and i suppose there are others?
      I’ll soon be breaking out my new watercolour-sketchbook and get playing with that. I imagine that the watercolour paper would be good for ink aswell.


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